Monday on Toast

Alex and Freddie are 4th year Philosophy and literature students. We have both just returned from a year abroad in Tokyo. Alongside putting on a mixture of music, we intend to perform self-written comedy sketches each week - I can email you a sample if you like. We also intend to incorporate live music performances into the show; we are musicians and know other musicians who would be happy to come on to the show as a guest.


80's at 8

Presented by Igor Prato, a man with a taste for a colourful time in music. The best sounds of the 80's from every genre, bringing the vintage feel to the radio.


M25 Revisited

Hi I'm Charlie, a 2nd year from Grey. This year I'd like to bring a selection of folk and alt- rock from either side of the Atlantic to Purple Radio. So tune in for a combination of music and chat as I discuss the differences between the sounds of America and the UK!



Movies and Martins

We're both movie fans. We're both finalists. We both do English (Okay one does Philosophy too but we'll let him off). And most importantly, we're both called Martin. Tune in for your weekly fix of movie news, reviews and trailer chat.


Harry Gilbey

I'm into sports, food, television and just having a good chat. I study Business and management and am in my first year at Durham. Love a bit of chilled music but an upbeat happy song from time to time can't be turned down


Teikyo Time

Japanese students from the Teikyo University take over the airwaves for an hour and provide quality conversational content, with some music on the side too



There are three presenters in this show. Myself and two friends will be exploring revolutionary music, with each episode focussing on a specific era of music e.g. afropop where we listen to music by people like miriam mikebe and discuss the meaning behind their songs. Myself, Ruby Ellis and Emily George are all second year Hildbede and all love afrobeats, soul and funk and have replied there are deeper meanings behind the songs such as anti-racism and antigovernment and therefore want to share some of the lesser known music with everyone, while also letting people know the amazing stories behind them.


High Quality Trash

Swiss students studying social sciences - trashy tunes, terrible talk, tremendous times!


The indie hour

Me and Mia are both third year sociology students and housemates. We are looking to start an hour long outpost show focusing on indie/alternative music, with comedy segments and discussions about gigs and local bands throughout the show. We envision our show to be chilled out, funny and offer alternative music to purple radio listeners and hopefully introduce smaller and less well known indie bands to people.


Sharpie Parks The Bus

Ben Sharp

I'm a first year studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences. I have a keen interest in all sports particularly football but also a wide range of sports. My co-host and i will focus on debating football as our main sport as we both are equally interested in it. However my role also will be to discuss events occurring in other sports which i follow deeply, for example golf and American football. Additionally both of us follow big boxing and UFC events which we would also be able to debate on air.

Louis Higham

I am a second year studying natural science. As highlighted above i would debate with Ben about the weekends footballing events and any upcoming fights. In addition to this my role would be to talk about any new albums that have dropped recently and play any stand out songs between our debates. Ben and I are also interested in discussing college sports events and would report on scores and upsets following the weekend.



Dillon & Hector

As the Sun rises in the West, the winter chicken makes its disgusting caw. The farmer cocks his shotgun, ready to start the new day, for he knows it is time for Dillon & Hector to make their comeback appearance.

For 2 hours, fill your ear holes with stories from the lives of Durham’s wackiest duo, and indie/independently produced songs to make your ears bleed with pleasure. Get ready for all new features and an all-star guest list, for Dillon & Hector are returning, and they’re doing it in style.


A Date with Davis

Hi, my name is Abbie and I am a first year Historian, studying at Mary's. I love spending time with my family, friends and socialising in general. I have a blog, where I discuss current affairs, reviews and politics, as well as a youtube channel, Kabs Craic, where I make vlogs and other funny videos with my granny. I have also appeared as a guest on Streetlife Radio Show in the past, so I like to think that this, as well as my youtube channel stand me in good stead for Purple Radio. My show would be a mixture of all thinks, media, trivia, debates and current affairs. Each week, I would have a new guest come on, to discuss and debate with me. In general we would be discussing new events in the world and what's been trending on social media. This would be a similar vibe to my youtube channel, so I think the combination of the two could really take off! I would also, like to incorporate an agony aunt section into the show whereby people can call in for my advice. Further, as I am part of


Sophie & Cristina

Sophie (Classics student) and Cristina (Languages student) met during the Castle offer-holder day, and have been friends ever since. Bonding over a shared passion of hermitage lifestyle, being emotionally chaotic and awkward at the best of times, they now endeavor to share their life journey with you, the listener. Weekly episodes will discuss house parties, seminars (to talk or not to talk?), the North Road bus station, and all the other essentials of Durham student living. Hopeful but messy, this show blends the best and worst of what it means to be a student at Durham.


6 to 7ties

Presented by Igor Prato, a man with a taste for an essential moment in music history, an hour of the finest music of the 60's and 70's. From Soul, to Blues, to Folk, to Classic Rock, this show will transport listeners to a different time, aiming to enlighten the modern generation on a classic sound. As well as playing the most iconic songs from this period, the host will also give a nugget of the story behind the music- what inspired the song, what was the social climate at the time, what the artists thought of the songs, all with the aim of giving the listener a richer musical experience.


CK babes

CK babes, 2 hours, 2 babes, Kate and Con bring you some saucy tracks to help ignite the fire in your soul. Tired of sitting pretty, we are here to shake somethings up in the music scene.




Join me, Milo Dundas, on my new morning radio show MD-AM. Each week I'll be inviting along different guests to join me in the studio for a mix of big tunes, some special features and the rest of the time being filled with some hopefully entertaining, and no doubt quite niche, chat as we muse about a plethora of different topics.

The guests will include faces (or voices to be more accurate) new and old and the music played will be a combination of the best new stuff as well as plenty of classic bangers. As ever, comments from, and interaction with, listeners is greatly encouraged so by all means do tune in for what should be a top laugh every Thursday morning.


Aly & Lidia

Tune in to listen to Aly, a third year IR and Geography student, and Lidia, also a third year Economics and Geography student, talk about their interest and topical issues. Our music will vary weekly with some weeks having a theme!



Weekly News affair show looking back over the past week of all the main local, national and international news! As well as keeping you up to date with the current entertainment, sport, business, sci-tech and trending stories!


Will Plays Tunes

Journeying through the old, the new, and the timeless - join me, Will, for an hour of delectable funk, soul, and jazz tunes from all corners of the globe. From Brazil to Ethiopia; Indonesia to the US of A, no record is too far and no track is overlooked.


Delicious Jones

Close your eyes & open you ears. (Half of) Delicious Jones is back for your listening pleasure.

Selecting the finest tunes from the worlds of House, Techno & Disco, tune in & add some spice to your soirée.

Plus, embrace the strange as we bring back such features as 'Rockbusters', '3 in 5' and the award-winning 'Isolated Mountain CDs'.

"It's like a mix between Carl Cox and Karl Pilkington." - Fergus Neville


Tracing Roots

Modern RnB, Rock, Hip-Hop and so much more that we enjoy today - all sprung from the rich musical traditions of the American soil where the hobos and slaves first sung their tunes. Combining interests in both music and history, the host here, Yasmine from HildnBede, offers to take you through a journey of exploration to the roots, to the blues, gospel and many other songs, to the artists who created the bases later generations built on, and also artists who carry these legacies on.



The Cait and Lou Show

Back once again for another year of shenanigans, its your favourite duo ready to take the radio world by storm.


Factor 50

Join Ed Chambers, a 2nd year History student from Aidan’s, with more suncream than sense as the sun sets on another week in Durham. In the week’s twilight, we’ll take a look back over it with guests, chat and impressions and wind up for the weekend with an eclectic taste of music and requests to get you in the mood.



Mim and Max bringing the finest selection of electronic music and a rundown of the best nights in and around Durham.



Live Sessions

Music sessions broadcast live from the Purple Radio studio! Enjoy live music from your favourite local bands and artists.


Ábel Bede

Discussion show about Culture and Current Affairs with Ábel Bede and his guests


Settling the Score

I'm Antonia, a first year music student with a passion for desserts, reading and (most importantly) film music, hence:

Settling the Score is about bringing what is, by its nature, a background element into the foreground. By exploring a film's soundtrack - whether it is that of a blockbuster, a small indie film or something in between - we can deepen our understanding of the film, its characters and its messages. Also, some of the cues are BANGERS.


Cameron Ashplant

Did you get matriculated last night? Feel rejuvenated with fresh tunes and classic bangers littered amongst the opportunity to travel the world through the words of the Guernsey grumble. Join us every Saturday with new guests and talents as you durhamurites embark on a potentially comedic, yet educational adventure that's just what you need post Mattric. For a short break in your day of study be sure to tune in!


The Helen Paton Show

Welcome to another term in Durham. Helen will bring you a range of chatter and your favourite hits to brighten up your afternoon. You can expect a range of guests from across student life to be interviewed as well as tunes from around the globe. From Shakira to Madonna, a show that will make your time at the Billy B bright again, and transport you to a fiesta of music. Tune in to experience an hour of prime entertainment.


Drive-By FM

Join Nick and Anastasia for the second season of Drive-By FM! Bringin’ you the sound of the Durham Ghetto and also whatever style of music we feel like playin’ that week. Featuring the return of beloved features such as ‘Nick’s Storytime’ and ‘Anastasia’s Crimes Against Humanity’ as well as many new surprises! Who knows, we may even have a special guest or two! So join us live every Saturday from 5pm-6pm! Booyakasha!


James Burton

Born in the wrong decade, James Burton plays the best of the sixties, seventies and eighties in an hour of historic music. From classic rock 'n' roll to new wave tunes, we turn back the clock to explore the music of the previous generation and how the music impacted the culture of this sadly bygone era


Spill the Tea

Hiya, I'm Esther Levin, an English Literature first-year at Castle, and Spill the Tea is a chat show where I find out all the gossip about my fellow freshers, from their worst part-time jobs to their weirdest DMs on social media. Tune in and get your shark on for plenty of banter, banging new tunes and most importantly, the Tea.



Flo’s feel good food

So on my show I’d like to talk about all things food; from the latest food trends, to recipes of the week with a range of special guests. I’ll also be playing the tunes that I like to cook to. This show is inspired by my insta (flosfeelgoodfood)! It will be a fun time ... I promise!


'Déjà vu with Lewis'

I am Lewis, a radio presenter with 3 years experience in both community and commercial stations. I have presented signature station shows, including the Breakfast Show on large North-West stations.
Experience in talk-shows too, which I feel are always better suited to the afternoon. I have more recently done ad-hoc shows on stations as a freelance presenter during the weekend, which tend to be quite relaxed, informal and with upbeat songs.
My show concept is one I have been wanting to have a go at for a while- with the provisional title of Déjà vu. The show will take a look back at the week's weird, wonderful and wacky news stories from across the UK and country; do a feature of 'On this day...' and the music will be from across the decades. Memory tests, brain teasers and other twists through the show. Déjà vu describes the feeling that one has lived through the present before; I want to create that effect through the show with the songs/features/news stories etc.
(The name


Bertie & Emma

Join Bertie & Emma for your weekly escape from the trials and tribulations of university life for two hours of the best music and all round irreverent nonsense. Every Sunday we'll be offering up a heady dose of scatty chat centred around your daily experiences along with a host of regular features including Em Clew's Good News and Would Huw Rather. See you then, it'll be a good one.


Darker Than Blue

Sander Priston and Fahad Al-Amoudi are friends and musicians of the band The Poetry Experiment who formed in Durham and have gone on to perform in London and most recently Stockholm. Sander is a 3rd year Philosophy student and Fahad is a 2nd year History student, and both have experience with producing podcasts.

The plan is to run an hour long niche show with minimal discussion with Hip-Hop as its focus, but also intermingling the genres of Neo-Soul and R&B. This means artists such as Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, GoldLink and Anderson Paak, as well as Daniel Cesar, Jordan Rakei, Oscar Jerome, Puma Blue, The Internet, etc. Sander and Fahad also plan on designing their own jingles.


Lucy Heenan

I am Lucy Heenan and I am a second year law student. In my spare time i like to cook, spend time with my friends and struggle with a serious shopping addiction! Coming from Northern Ireland, I enjoy the comparatively tropical climate of Durham, and one of my main aspirations for this year is to see how many times I can re-watch Gossip Girl and still pass my exams...