The Request Show

Start your Monday on the right note with Will & Em. Get in touch, we’ll play the songs to boost your mood, discuss your stories and provide you with a mix of light discussion, studio guests and topical stories.



Sportsfeed Purple Radio's flagship sports show featuring all of the past week's college, university, national and international sport. The sport team will provide interviews, commentary from matches from across the city as well as supplying in depth analysis of the comings and goings in the sporting world over the previous 7 days.

Look out for the weekly podcast on Mixcloud. If you would like to get involved or be interviewed on the show then contact the team through


Jess Dunning

I’m a first year combined honours student who loves music and I’m back again with a jam packed rock/alternative show! Expect to hear my 5 minute rant of the week, song of the show and hear all my awful banter! So if you want a pick me up on a Monday then this show is for you!


It's Good For The Soul

It's Good For The Soul is just that - a carefree jaunt through all things groovy to distract you from the daily grind.

Hosted by Toby Taylor, music writer and self-proclaimed disco fanatic, It's Good For The Soul features soothing disco selections from across the world - if it makes you feel good, chances are you’ll hear it here.


Don't Panic

An alternative music show that plays great music from artists known and unknown. Listen in to hear music from the likes Elliott Smith, David Bowie, James Blake, Massive Attack and other similarly amazing artists.




Whether you're looking to discover a new genre, relive your emo phase or find out who played Glastonbury '94, ModernLifeIsRubbish has got you covered!

Join Ler and Grace for another round of themed-playlists from the past, featuring interactive debates and games, ending on a new release from 2018!



Join Lindsey and Anna for an hour of new and old indie rock, hip hop and rap tracks late every Tuesday evening. The two second year anthropology students can promise something to suit everyone! Listen in for a show full of tasty tunes, funny stories, and the odd interesting fact...



The Cait & Lou Show

Probably THE iconic duo in student radio. Tune in to find out why.


The Bridge

The Bridge is a music show hosted by Ed Bridge,a second year Biologist with an interest in science, nature, film and music (obviously).The show aims to play a mixture of new and classic indie music as well as art rock, with a particular emphasis on psychedelic sounds. Also expect a fair amount of conversational ping pong between Ed, his co-host Joseph Battuello (an American) and a few guests.


The Periphery

Join Ler and Ted for The Periphery - a show dedicated to discovering new tracks by emerging indie artists and alternative superstars

Beginning and ending with tracks from their chosen artist of the week, the show guarantees an unforgettable hour of gals with guitars, cosmic keyboard melodies, DIY heroes and in depth discussion of music news and trivia



T Time- Tanya & Tess

Yo yo waddup, it's your girls Tess & Tanya comin' back at u with some bare sick beatz fresh off the streetz. Welcome to da jungle (jungle is massif). Stick around and listen to good tunes, random special features and VERY poor chat from some silly, silly freshers.


Chips and Gravy

An entertainment show featuring our favourite music of the week as well as light conversation / discussions. Will is from Manchester and I am from Brighton, so we epitomise the 'North / South divide', but are united by a mutual love for chips and gravy (hence the show name)! I have a Youtube channel with a lovely, dedicated online audience who would definitely tune in to a weekly show, so the audience engagement should be quite a fun thing to bring into play!


Rock Hour

An hour filled with iconic rock music!



The Grime Show

Presented By Hefin Rees Edwards , The Grime Show does what it says on the tin. Bringing you no frills 140bpm riddims from across the globe aswell as the best MC's in the genre.



The Big Lie In

The award winning DJ Matt Calvert and co-host Jess Lord return with another series of The Big Lie In! Join our dynamic duo as they provide the soundtrack to your lazy weekend morning! They’ll be bringing you an anarchic magazine style show every Saturday morning, held together by popular music from across the decades and genres. Expect a silly news review with 'And Finally', a new game involving a Kazoo, a critical look at the funnier side of internet comments sections and special guest interviews!


The Soundtracks Show

Having been the presenter of the successful Soundtracks Show for the Michaelmas Term and really enjoyed doing it, I would really like to bring it back for the Lent Term. I feel it would follow on well at 13:00 on Saturday from the Breakfast Show, as a light relief/informative show, and having been a guest presenter for the Purple Radio Christmas Show, if I were to occasionally be a guest on the Breakfast Show it would work even better. Features on the show last term included a Thought for the Day similar to the Today Programme on Radio 4, which was a little break in that hour to discuss and ponder on issues such as the ongoing Hollywood sex scandal, the often derided importance of film/television to people, and people's newfound love of baking. This is a segment I would potentially extend this term, along with the Suggestions segment at the end of the hour, which I would like to open up to the live comment feed more this term to have more interaction with the audience. The rest of the



Prepare yourselves for another term of your favourite weekend fiesta. My name Helen Paton and I’m a politics and history student from Mary’s. Move your hips to the beat of Shakira or cry to Adele’s lovesongs. Don’t forget to send in all your love stories so Dr. Heart can cure your broken heart!


Drive-By FM

Nick & Anastasia bring you Drive-By FM! A combination of great music and comedy anecdotes from our lives with our ...interesting... housemate, who goes by the pseudonym 'Chiuan'. Each week we play music from a new theme or genre (such as Rap, Music from our Childhood Gaydio, etc.).


In Phase

When you're In Phase with your host Uche Edozie you know that your Saturday evening is set. One hour of tunes, talk and the occasional special guest we don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you so sit back, tune in and whatever you're doing stay In Phase.


Back to the Future

Back to the Future returns for a second term, with the very best music the 80s and 90s had to offer. New for 2018, we'll be expanding to the 70s too! Tune in for cheese, reminiscence, regular features (including spotlights on movie soundtracks from the era), and a healthy dose of nostalgia.



Loose Men

Durham's loosest trio return for another term of intellectual discussion to power you through Sunday morning's hangover. The weekly check in on the boys' wild lives returns along with 'Would Huw Rather' and the Unofficial Chart. Injecting new spiciness into the mix to keep it fresh and hip this term are Drunk Film Reviews and T-shirt and Pie Combination where we sample the vilest food combos you can suggest for us.


The President's Men

A show about culture (mostly films, series or student plays) and current affairs with Ábel Bede and his guests.


The Purple Chart Show

Each week Purple Radio bring you their exclusive chart show. Listen in to hear the hottest tunes around right now.


Behind the Counter

Join Hef and Ed as they take their place behind the counter of their theoretical record shop, recommending the best new releases and reissues. They’ll also take you on a tour of music from around the globe and introduce you to records that will soon become new favourites. Tune in and listen to them digging around in the crates to see what hidden gems they may find, playing music all over the spectrum from Jazz to Psych-Rock
and chatting through their newest discoveries.