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Members' Update - Hello From The New Exec!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Easter break! (Well, as much as possible before the impending exam season…)

For those of you who haven’t heard, I'm taking over from the wonderful Alex Orton as Deputy Manager here at Purple Radio, meaning you’ll have to put up with my ramblings in these members’ updates from now on. Actually, on that note...

Hello from Jo!

Hi all - Jo here, new Station Manager! By way of introduction, I’m a 2nd year PPE student (hopefully breaking the stereotype of insufferable PPEists) from St. Chad’s and I host a weekly show called Room 13 with my housemate. An email from me may have appeared in your inbox a few weeks ago, putting a call out for a new Exec team and thankfully my prayers were answered. Simon and I are lucky to have assembled a wicked new team of very talented and lovely people, and we are both excited to get cracking. You’ll be hearing from us over the next few weeks and months about our plans for Purple, but you can reach me at [email protected] if you ever need anything!


A New Exec!

It’s time to say farewell to many of the incredible people who have contributed so much to the station, and welcome some fresh faces who’ll be taking the reins for the next year! Introducing…

Station Manager - Joanna Wright

Deputy Manager - Simon Lake

Head Producer - Megan Lane

Executive Producer (Daytime) - Panos Benopoulos

Executive Producer (Evenings) - Rob Leech-Gerrard

Head of On Demand - Charlotte Conder

Head of Music - Freya Barker

Head of News - Abigail Brierley

Head of Sport - Rob Morrisey

Head of the Arts - Freya Williams

Head of Drama - Anne-Victoire Mancret

Head Designer - Ariel Hollamby & Millie Morton

Head of Broadcasting - Mia Harrington

Head of Promotions - Jessie Trueman

Head of Audio Design - Max Roulstone

Head of Tech - Josh Davies (returning)

Head of Video - James Tillotson (returning)

…oh dang that's a big team. It's gonna get real crowded once meetings are in person again. That aside, we can't wait to work together to make some exciting content with everyone!


Purple Radio has grown so much in the past year, and a big part of that is owed to the outstanding efforts of our former exec team, so we'd like to thank Gabriel Radus, Alex Orton, Max Kendix, Alfie Leach, Bill Pain, Ben Sharp, Archie Hodgson, Lim Jia Ying, Molly Stazicker, and Elle Woods-Marshall! The station simply wouldn't be anything like what it is today without you guys!

Show Recordings

If you host a live show and are looking to get a recording, make sure to get in touch with either Panos or Rob at [email protected] or [email protected], depending on if you have a daytime (pre-5pm) or evening (post 5pm) show. Of course, that’s complicated if your show is 4:30-5:30. Luckily, by sheer coincidence that only affects Jo and I!

Having a recording is super handy and can be used for loads of different things, like releasing your show as a podcast (make sure to cut out copyrighted music tho), compiling parts into a demo for future radio work (the more content you have to work with, the better), or hey, even just keep it as a memento, like an audio diary. It’s yours to do whatever with! Set it as your alarm, remix it, whatever, I’m not the boss of you. Where was I? Ah right. Email us and ask for it!


Broadcasting is Back!

We’re returning to our usual broadcasting schedule as of now! Even throughout Easter break our metaphorical doors are open for you guys to continue hosting your shows. If you’d like of course. Nothin’ wrong with taking time to enjoy the sun back home instead. Or snow, even. The weather’s been pretty inconsistent here in Durham. Once we enter next term, we’re excited to hear everyone back on the air, but if you feel like you ought to take a few shows off to focus on revision, or for any other reason, try to let us know over at [email protected] so we can keep on top of our schedule.


And that’s all for now! Hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves and making cool radio stuff like usual. Thanks especially for reading this far! Make sure to salt your pasta water - it enhances the taste and raises the boiling point so it cooks at a higher temperature.

All the best,


Simon Lake
Deputy Station Manager @ Purple Radio, He/Him, [email protected], [email protected]

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